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Breed Dominance is what the site uses to determine what breed the pup will be when two Wajas of different breeds are bred together.

  • Breeds that are close together (but not even) on the dominance chart will generally produce slightly more of the more dominant breed when bred together, though there will be a fair amount of pups that come out of the less dominant breed.( e.g. Fire + Bane = some Fire pups, but mostly Bane pups).
  • Breeds that are even on the dominance chart will have a roughly even chance of being born with either breed. (e.g. Tempest + African = roughly half African pups, half Tempest pups).
  • Breeds that are further apart on the dominance chart will generally produce pups that are almost exclusively of the more dominant breed (e.g., Aerial + Water = Almost all Aerial pups, small chance of Water pups).

There is some discussion as to whether the dominance chart is accurate, and Lammy has come up with a revised version of the chart, based on a series of 840 breedings where pup outcomes were documented. The Revised Breed Dominance can be viewed here. Both should be considered when deciding on the best breeding pair to obtain a specific breed.

Dominance Chart (Highest to Lowest)

1. Normal NormalAdult.png Normals are the most common breed on all of Wajas because they are highest of the breed dominance order. This means if you breed a normal with any other breed of Waja, you are most likely to get a normal.
2. Aerial AerialAdult.png
3. Bane/Spitz BaneAdult.pngSpitzAdult.png
4. Fire FireAdult.png
5. Corsie CorsieAdult.png
6. Egyptian EgyptianAdult.png
7. Tempest/African TempestAdult.pngAfricanAdult.png
8. Plushie PlushieAdult.png
9. Water/Earth WaterAdult.pngEarthAdult.png
10. Imp ImpAdult.png
11. Breedless Breedless.png
12. Divine DivineAdult.png

Short Text-List

  1. Normal
  2. Aerial
  3. Bane/Spitz
  4. Fire
  5. Corsie
  6. Egyptian
  7. Tempest/African
  8. Plushie
  9. Water/Earth
  10. Imp
  11. Breedless
  12. Divine

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