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Customs are Generation 1 wajas created using Tokens. Common tokens can be bought with CWP at the Token Shop, or from other users via the Shop Search. Custom wajas have no parents, and it is impossible for them to be inbred. At creation, Customs have an MU, MG, and LQ of 0. The also have an Age of 20, which makes them breedable adult wajas.

Custom wajas are very valuable and expensive (as even the cheapest silver token costs 20 CWP) and creating a custom is an eventual goal of most players. Owning multiple customs is often seen as a status symbol. The pups of customs (called Custom pups or Gen 2s) are quite valuable themselves, though only a tiny fraction of the value of their parents.

Customs are often created in pairs with matching designs with the intention of breeding and selling the pups to the public. For this reason, some users set up a Pre-Sale for their design to help raise the needed funds to buy the tokens by selling pups from the custom pair before they're created. However, it should be noted that for most users Customs are a luxury (as they are not necessary to play the game) and a money sink; many do not make back the cost of the customs by selling the pups, so it is not advised that you create a custom pair to make money off of, or that you start a Pre-sale expecting to get all of your funding from it.

Creating a Custom

To create a Gen 1 custom waja you must have a Token, which can be purchased from the Token Shop for CWP or acquired by trade or sales from other players. First locate the token in your inventory. Click it and select "Create a Waja", then "Go to the Custom Maker". Here you will be presented with a screen similar to that of the Custom Demo (NOTE: it is a good idea to use the Custom Demo to plan out your design before getting to this step.) From here you can select the Gender, Eye Color, Base Color, and the markings/mutations and colors of those markings/mutations that you want the waja to have. The number of marking/mutation slots available will depend on what color Token you're using. Once you've chosen these, you can now press "Preview". If you are satisfied with the waja you've designed, you may now press "Create". DO NOT PRESS CREATE UNLESS YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH YOUR DESIGN. After you press Create, you cannot go back or edit the waja, and there are no refunds. Congratulations! Your new Gen 1 waja should now be in your cave.

Second Hand Customs

An alternative to creating your own custom is to purchase second-hand gen 1 customs. Second hand means that someone else already designed and created the custom. These are generally cheaper than the cost of a token because they are already made. You can find them by going on the side bar to "World", "Waja Search"; choosing the breed you want (Or "all breeds"); typing in (in Max price) the amount you would be willing to pay (Warning: most gen 1s go for 30,000,000 WC and up) and, in the spots that say "Max Gen" and "Min Gen", type in "1", then click "Submit".

Dye Customs

Main article: Dye Customs

Because custom tokens are rather expensive with a starting price of 20 CWP in the Token Shop, some users choose to dye already existing wajas to make a custom design. Dye customs are most commonly made on markingless wajas. However, some users do choose to make dye customs by dyeing wjas with non-dye markings.

Unlike typical customs, dye customs can be any generation ranging from gen 2 to supergen.