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Retiring a waja will credit its owner 5,000 WC and permanently make it unable to be bred, sold, or transferred. Retired wajas do not take up cave space. These wajas cannot have their name, description, or title edited, nor are they able to be put into groups. Retired wajas cannot participate in contests, but can be released (though the owner will not receive any additional credits since they already received 5,000 WC for retiring the waja).

Interestingly, retired wajas can have accessories and foregrounds added to and removed from them. You can also add wallpapers to retired wajas, but you can NOT remove them. The only way to change the wallpaper on a retired waja is to replace it with a different one.

WARNING: RETIRING IS 100% PERMANENT. A waja that has been retired can never be un-retired.

The difference between releasing and retiring

Retiring and releasing are very different actions.

When you retire a waja, it stays in your cave and is still "your waja". Retired wajas keep their name, description, and any items that they were wearing. Retired wajas will not be compressed or deleted; they will keep their image and information fully visible.

When you release a waja, it no longer belongs to you. It is sent to the Obsessed Waja Fan's cave where it will eventually have its image and information compressed or deleted.

Retiring a waja

To retire a waja, go to its profile page. At the bottom of this page there will be a series of tabs, one of which will read "Retire". You will need to confirm that you do indeed want to retire that waja and click the button that reads "Retire". The waja will now be permanently retired.

Viewing retired wajas

Retired wajas can be viewed by going to Home -> Your Cave -> Retired Wajas.