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Breed Requests can be found under the Home tab. Here you can view both your outgoing and incoming breed requests; that is to say, those that you have requested of others, and the ones requested of you. If the person you are breeding with has not yet accepted your request, you may cancel it at any time here. In addition, when you receive a Notification that you have received a breed request, you must go here to either accept it or deny it. Some users choose to deny requests if the pups will come out muddy- (faded markings) and you may wish to do the same, if you decide. It is usually good to post any reasons that you would deny a breeding request in your Cave Rules.

Note- you will not receive the money for a breeding someone requests of you until you press accept. In addition, when you ask to breed with someone else's waja, WC will automatically disappear from your account. However, you are automatically refunded ALL of your WC if you cancel your breed request before the other user accepts it.