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Welcome to the Wajas Wiki!

The wajas wiki is intended as a resource for both new and old users to find general to specific knowledge about Wajas. For example, the Wiki aims to have guides with information on all of the items on the site, along with guides on basic topics such as how to navigate Wajas, how to earn WC, getting your first waja and how to use HTML on Wajas. The Wiki is a community run project, which means that you can help out too! To help with the project, you must first request an account. To do this, send a PM to Tailz at account #1231 or Schwarzwald at account #29193 on Wajas so that we can review the request and, if accepted, walk you through the creation of your account.

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Wajas Wiki News

February 13, 2019

Hello it's me again! *Waves* :D Anyone else excited about the new Waja Park feature?! I know I am! We've currently been getting the page in tip top shape with re-release of the park! There has been some really cool changes so be sure to check out the page! It's still under construction but I plan to have it all together by the weekend! A lot of loose ends have also been coming together thanks to our volunteers! Keep up the great work everyone! ~Tailz 1231

January 6, 2019

Happy New Year! Wondering what was available for Halloween 2018 and Christmas 2018? Thanks to the efforts of Synestra, Limi, and Tailz, you can find out! May this new year be a good one for you all, for Wajas, and for the Wiki! ~Schwarz 29193

April 1, 2018

Heya everyone! Things have been crazy the last few months with updates on wajas! We'll be hopefully catching up and updating the appropriate pages as soon as we have some spare time! In the meantime, Easter 2018 is in full swing with a special site theme designed for it! Happy Egg hunting everyone! and Happy Easter! One last memo, a huge shout out to Salt who has been very helpful in our transitions for the All Markings on pages! Thank you! ~Tailz 1231

January 20, 2018

Hello again everyone! Wow, have we had some awesome new changes! There are a lot of features that have had an overhaul, and it's going to take a little while to get all the images updated to the new format. I also want to add that we are going to be a little slow about getting the updates in as things can change as testing goes on. This is a big change for wajas, and I would hate to push our team to get everything updated right away and then have things change the next week. Our first goal will be updating all the markings pages from the images on the demo. After that, we'll evaluate what we are going to start updating next, and I'll probably issue another news post then. ^^ Thanks for checking in! ~Tailz 1231

January 7, 2018

Happy new year everyone! Hope that everyone has had a great holiday season in whatever you may celebrate! ♥ Just checking in and letting everyone know that I'll be shortly updating the Festival of Frost page to include all the activities from this year! Syn has been a great help in keeping the Christmas 2017 page all up to date for everyone, so if you've maybe missed a day or two, or need to check your items be sure to hop over there! I've updated all the old dye bottles with the new art, as well as fix some page name/dye name inconsistencies! So take a look at the Dyes page and look at all the pretty new art! That's all the news I've got for you guys today! See ya next time! ~Tailz 1231

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To Do List

  • Update all Markings on each breed with appropriate large artwork.
  • Waja Profile needs updated as well to reflect new changes to mutation handlebar system.
  • Update the Custom Demo page to new format : include a link to the HEX codes page, information about the color selection box, and moving markings.
  • Relocate and list all Non-shop Dyes as Out of Shop dyes for easier understanding and to match a frequently used terminology.
  • Shop Search and Inventory need updated with proper a proper walkthrough with the new filtering system.
  • The following items need to be on black wajas (with Black Wallpapers as needed):


  • Reorganize, combine, and elaborate on many of the basic help articles, and seeing what from said articles need added to the Newbie Mega Guide and the Getting Started page.
  • Update HTML page with Lammy's article on Wajas.
  • Update items to new large image format.. Possibly creating a "needs redrawn for quality" or something similar category to help report older items that need possible redraws by artists.
  • Do you have a suggestion for this list? Send a PM to Tailz or Schwarzwald on Wajas.

How to Help

You can browse around the pages on the wiki and find ways to improve them or create new pages by clicking red links or searching for page titles that haven't been made yet (Note: please only create a new page if it is a specific topic, you have substantial information on the subject, and an existing page covering that topic does not already exist). The "To Do List" should also have a list of specific things to do.

Before making any changes to the Wiki, please refer to the to Basic Editing.

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