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Out of Shop dyes (Previously Non-shop Dyes) are limited release dyes that cannot be purchased in the regular Dye Shop. They are also often referred to as "OOS" dyes, which stands for "out of shop", referring to the fact that they cannot be found in the Dye Shop. OOS dyes can be obtained in the following ways: in user shops, auctions, trades, in the Leaf Exchange by spending Leaf Points, CWP Shop, gifted by the Forum Goblins, Mining, from Nicola the Genius by turning in the quest items, and in the Raccoon King Shop by spending RKP. Please see the list below to see which Non dye shop dyes are available where. Currently, OOS dyes found via forum goblins, mining, Nicola, and the Raccoon King are available in unlimited quantities and do not seem to rotate, however this is always subject to change during item updates. Dyes found in the Leaf Exchange and CWP Shop are subject to rotation as well.

Out Of Shop Dyes

Token Markings

The following OOS dyes are also available as markings during custom creation. Dyes denoted with an asterisk (*) are also currently available via the Dye Shop, Raccoon King Shop, or CWP Shop. Click on the individual dyes to see other ways you can obtain them.

Balloon Pop Dyes

The following OOS dyes are available randomly from the Balloon Pop game.

Forum Goblin Dyes

The following OOS dyes are available randomly from the Forum Goblins.

Mining Cave Dyes

The following OOS dyes are available randomly from Mining. Each dye is found in a specific cave: Chain is found in the Glowworm Cave, while Liquid Flow and Orcish are found in the Sparkling Grotto.

Nicola Dyes

The following OOS dyes are available from Nicola the Genius after turning in certain items in specific quantities. The items Nicola requires are found while Mining. The dye received is random until you have completed the quest three times.

Raccoon King Dyes

The following OOS dyes are available to purchase for 825 RKP, which are obtained by trading in unwanted items at a rate of one item = one RKP, from the Raccoon King Shop after completing the Raccoon King Plot.