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===Old Items===
===Old Items===
- [[Fancy Rat]]
- [[Goblins Dagger]]
- [[Goblins Dagger]]

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A new event was announced on July 25, 2014 through a news post by Estuko:

A forum goblin from the news post

"Hey, You! Don't post too much on the forums or I might have to give you 'Forum Goblin' treasures to get you to be quiet. Sheesh, don't you know we're trying to sleep?!"

Our forums are being overrun by Forum Goblins! The only way to scare them off is to post on the forums! Once all their treasure is collected they're sure to move back to where they came from.

Upgraded users get an increased chance to collect treasure! There are currently 10 treasures to collect with a few more in the works.

Happy chatting! Please be mindful of our no-spamming rules. It is our hope this game helps liven up the forums. Make some friends! Chat on the roleplay forums! There's plenty to work with. Have topic suggestions? Start a thread! Don't be shy.

~ Estuko

Additional items were added to the event on July 31, 2014, and the goblin related mutation Goblin Ears was released, with it's DNA being added to the CWP Items Shop for 10 CWP.

Event Prizes

- 15,000 WC

- 30,000 WC

- 60,000 WC

- Nothing (Goblin runs away)


- Goblin Spear

- High Voltage Green Body

- High Voltage Green Head

- High Voltage Green Legs

- High Voltage Green Tail

- Goblin Sludge 1

- Goblin Sludge 2

- Goblin Sludge 3

- Goblin Sludge 4

- Snaggle Tooth

- Reflected Light Blue

- Reflected Light Mint

- Reflected Light Purple

- Sun Fairy Bangles Green

- Sun Fairy Staff Green

- Sun Fairy Tiara Green

- Sun Fairy Wings Green


- Dye Goblin

- Dye Goblin Mask

- Dye Elven Collar


- Dust Light Green

- Dust Light Yellow

- Glitter Cloud Bottom Citrus Foreground

- Glitter Cloud Bottom Gold Foreground

- Glitter Cloud Bottom Green Foreground

- Glitter Cloud Bottom Teal Foreground

- Glitter Cloud Top Citrus Foreground

- Glitter Cloud Top Gold Foreground

- Glitter Cloud Top Green Foreground

- Glitter Cloud Top Teal Foreground

- Glitter Storm Black Foreground

- Glitter Storm Blue Foreground

- Glitter Storm Green Foreground

- Glitter Storm Pink Foreground

- Glitter Storm Purple Foreground

- Glitter Storm Rainbow Foreground

- Glitter Storm Red Foreground

- Glitter Storm White Foreground

- Glitter Storm Yellow Foreground

Winter/Fall Items

- Snowball 1

- Snowball 2

- Snowball 3

- Snowball Splat

Old Items

- Fancy Rat

- Goblins Dagger

- Goblin Ears (item)

- Grass Hedges Foreground

- Goblin King Hair Blue

- Goblin King Hair Green

- Goblin King Hair Orange

- Goblin King Hair Pink

- Goblin King Hair Purple

- Goblin King Hair White

- Grass Labyrinth Wallpaper

- Goblin Mud One

- Goblin Mud Two

- Goblin Mud Three

- Goblin Mud Four

- Goblins Orb

- Goblins Pants

- Goblins Pauldron

- Goblin Warrior

- Goblins Wig

- Goblin Worm