Easter 2019

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Easter 2019 is continuing the tradition wherein the eggs are found when using the site as a Random Event. This year however also offers openable honeycombs as well. This years theme is Gardening, Plants, and Bees! A few of the newer staff members have also gotten a traditional Easter Egg as well. The eggs are both equipable as an accessory and openable. Upon being opened, the egg will disappear and be replaced by a new item. The table below lists the Eggs and Honeycombs, the item that comes from them when opened, and if applicable the waja or user that the egg resembles.

Staff Eggs

Egg Item Waja
Easter Egg Aero Backyard Garden Wallpaper [Aero]
Easter Egg Commando Cabbage Plant [CodeDragon]
Easter Egg Danny Carrot Plant [Danny]
Easter Egg Mercury Pea Plant [Mercury]
Easter Egg Sparra Topiary Bunny [Sparra]
Easter Egg Vex Turnip Plant [Vex]

Bee Eggs

Egg Item
Easter Egg Bumbling Beet Plant
Easter Egg Flying Garden Box
Easter Egg Honeycomb Ladybug Box
Easter Egg Pollinator Potato Plant
Easter Egg Sniffling Radish Plant
Easter Egg Striped Tulips Purple


Honeycomb Item
Honeycomb Beehive
Honeycomb Acacia Antennae Hinged
Honeycomb Avocado Beekeeper Wallpaper
Honeycomb Black Locust Honey Dipper
Honeycomb Buckwheat Honeybee
Honeycomb Horsemint Honeybee Flying
Honeycomb Sourwood Honeybee Foreground
Honeycomb Tupelo Wings Honeybee