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Introduced in December 2013, the Festival of Frost consists of a series of mod-run contests for the players of the site to participate in, with a different theme for each week. Festival of Frost is sometimes abbreviated as FoF.


The Festival of Frost banner for 2017, featuring Apollo and Artemis.

FoF 2017 started December 3rd, kicking off with an impossible custom contest. Participation Prizes will be handed out at the end, and you are only required to enter one of the main running contests throughout the entire event to receive the prize. Participation Prize will be the same for all users. Running along side this is a battle for points, where you can choose either Team Apollo or Team Artemis. Participating and winning in contests aided the chosen side by contributing points.

In the end, Team Artemis reigned champion. For everyone who chose a side and contributed points, you received a favour from the deity you sided with.

For anyone who participated in the main contests (not the flash news post games), they received two new dragon items, Apollo the Dragon and Artemis the Dragon, which was not effected by which side you chose in the points tallying.

More info about winners and prizes can be found on Festival of Frost 2017


The Festival of Frost banner, featuring Lion and Santa Apollo

Week One 2013

The first week of contests was based around crafts. Three separate contests were run, and users were allowed to submit one entry for each of the contests. The same entry could not be submitted for multiple contests. The contests were:

  • Baking
Entries could be anything baked, as long as it reflected winter, the holidays or wajas.
  • Paper Craft
Entries could be anything as long as it was paper based and reflected winter, the holidays or wajas. Items that were not paper (such as ribbons and buttons) could be used as embellishments.
  • Ornament
Entries were meant to be craft ornaments that could be hung on Santa Apollo's christmas tree.

Week Two 2013

The second week of contests was based around creative writing. Entries were not limited in the style of writing used, however they had to incorporate one of two promts.

  • Letters to Santa Apollo
"If you choose this prompt, you will be writing a "letter" to Santa Apollo, whether it is from you or from one of your Wajas. After all, he won't know what to get you unless you tell him! Don't forget to mention how good you've been this year, and even more importantly, leave out plenty of milk and cookies!"
  • Winter Scenes
"If you choose this prompt, you will be depicting a winter scene through your writing. Please note that your scene MUST involve Wajas, whether you decide to write about sledding corsies, a wild wajas snowball fight, or anything in between!"

Week Three 2013

The contest for week three was to design a waja. The theme was winter and there were no limits to markings and mutations which could be incorporated into the design. Each player could enter only one design on a single breed.

Prizes 2013

Each individual contest during the first two weeks had the following prizes:

  • 1st place: Silver shop token of choice
  • 2nd place: 10CWP
  • 3rd place: 5CWP
  • Runners up (at staff discretion): 1CWP

Participation prizes were also awarded.

For week three, the prizes were:

  • 1st place: THE CUSTOM DESIGN! Estuko will allow the creation of the winning design regardless of token restrictions.
  • 2nd place: 10CWP
  • 3rd place: 5CWP
  • Runners up (at staff discretion): 1CWP

Participation prizes were also awarded.