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The forums are a section of the site where users can interact. To get to the forums, click on the Chat tab. Many threads will use common Acronyms from around the internet and other pet sites.

Before posting on ANY of the forum boards, please read the Forum Rules, found under Help or by clicking HERE. It is also a good idea to review the Stickies at the top of each individual board for rules that may be specific to that board. Ignorance is no excuse, and you will be punished for breaking rules regardless of whether or not you read them.


Admin Announcements

In this section of the forum site staff post announcements. This is also the board where staff-run contests tend to be held, such as design and art contests, and the weekly contests. Only wajas staff are able to create threads here, as thread creation is disabled for regular users.

Staff Review

Reviews of the wajas staff can be posted here. Threads made here are anonymous and will be viewable by staff members only. Only Admins (not regular staff members) will be able to look up your ID if further investigation is necessary. Once you post the thread it will become hidden and you will not be able to edit it, so make sure it says exactly what you want it to say before you press "post". No response will be made on your thread. You can give both positive and negative feedback, so if you think someone is doing a good job you are welcome to say so on this thread.

Newbie Introductions

This is the board where new users can post an introduction of themselves to the community. Remember, this board is for introductions only; questions belong on the Help board.
Please note that this board is not very well trafficked and most players don't visit it very often, if at all. Don't take a lack of reply to your Newbie Introduction to mean that you're being ignored or that the site is unpopulated. Feel free to simply join in on a discussion in another board.

Adopt a User

On this board (sometimes referred to as the Newbie Adoptions board), members can post threads stating that they're willing to "adopt" a new user, which essentially means they will take the newbie under their wing, answering their questions and giving them help and advice (usually one-on-one).
  • For adopters, please remember that you're supposed to be a guide for your adoptee. Do not just give them some WC and a couple wajas and send them on their way.
  • Adopters must also be adopting from an account which is at least 6 months old. Even if you are an old player, you cannot post an adoption thread from an account which does not meet the age requirement.
  • For adoptees, you are not allowed to start threads asking to be adopted; you must reply to the threads of users who are offering to adopt. Remember that it is generally good practice to only have one adoption request out at a time. If that person doesn't reply in a timely manner, you may then edit your post, retracting your request, and ask someone else to adopt you. Also note that the adopting members are not screened in any way; anyone who feels like it can post here trying to adopt, regardless of how well they actually know the site. Take care when deciding who to be adopted by, and try to go for a user who has been around for a while and seems to understand the site well.

Newbie Giveaways

On this board, users offer free wajas, items, WC, and so on to new users. Most of these have requirements of some kind, so make sure to read the opening post carefully for details on how that specific newbie giveaway is going to run and any rules they may have. Remember, you are not allowed to start a thread here asking for a giveaway; you may only start a thread if you wish to run a giveaway. If you merely want to receive giveaways, you must post on existing threads.


Here you can post questions about things you do not understand pertaining to Wajas so that other users, including Mods and Admins, may help you. Before posting, be sure to check through the FAQ and scan the front page of the board to see if your question has already been answered. If you want to test out coding, be sure to use the Official Testing Thread. It is a sticky located at the top of the Help board.
If you have an issue that needs direct moderator attention ( regular users can't help in any way), please PM a mod directly or use the modbox.


If you stumble across any glitches while you are playing Wajas, you can post here on the appropriate thread and get help. This includes stuck pregnancies, color/rainbow glitches, and marking/dye layering issues. Only Wajas Staff may create new topics on this forum. If you have a problem, post in one of the existing topics only. Threads posted here by non-staff will either be moved to Help or locked. If none of the existing threads here seem to cover your issue, it may be more appropriate for you to report it using the modbox.
When posting on the Item Glitches board, take the time to refer to the Glitched Items category on the wiki first. Many glitched items have already been identified, and posting about them is usually not necessary if the item has been on the site for a while.


Here you can chat with other users about practically anything. However, your threads must have a specific topic. General chatting threads (such as "I'm bored" and "What's up with you guys?") are not allowed.
You can also post your own discussion or debate topic or join in on an existing discussion or debate.

Sub Breeds

On this board, users discuss specific sub breeds. For more information on sub breeds, please see the Sub Breeds article.

Design/Price Advice

This is where users can make threads seeking advice on designing and/or pricing wajas. Users can reply to these threads offering their opinions as requested by the person starting the thread. Remember to be respectful and polite when offering criticism.


Here users create and join clubs regarding their interest. There are several different kinds of clubs here on a wide variety of topics.
Note: All clubs are required to have a particular subject. They cannot be general chat, random, or too general of a topic. Please check to make sure a club on the topic does not already exist before making one, as duplicate clubs covering the same topic will be locked. Clubs must still follow the general forum rules. Clubs must be open for anyone to join, meaning you cannot make it for only your friends and you cannot ban someone from your club unless you have good reason and a moderator agrees.


This is where users roleplay with other users about almost anything (that is wajas appropriate/within the rules and Terms of Service). You can either make your own or join one catches your interest. Only two threads are allowed in this topic.
Warning: Due to rampant art theft, images are not allowed on this board. Posting an image in your thread will likely result in the thread being locked.
Due to the roleplay forums nature, it does have an extensive set of rules in it's own. Please read the [Rules and Guides] sticky before roleplaying to avoid disciplinary action and/or threads being locked.


Here you can post a rant thread to vent about something that really bothered you/made you mad, or reply to the rant of another. This is a very active forum.
Note: This is not a blog or personal diary. When you post a rant, you MUST be prepared for other users to discuss it and reply with their own opinions on the matter. Mods will not lock your thread simply because you don't like the replies you're getting. Keep this in mind when posting sensitive or heated subject matter.
In August of 2013, a sticky thread was added to the Rants board containing contact information for a number of mental health resources, including including suicide crisis hotlines, as was suggested by a concerned user.
For the complete list of extra rules and/or suggestions for this board, see its board specific sticky thread.


Here you can post a thread about something that you're really happy, proud, or excited about.

Other Games

Here you can post or reply to topics about game sites other than . This board also includes a sticky where you can post your clickable adopts, as well as a sticky for posting referral links. These things belong only in their respective stickies and should not be posted anywhere else on this board or the forums as a whole.

User Held Contests/Games

Here users can host and participate in a wide variety of user-held games and contests. These are typically run by regular users, and while some offer prizes if they choose to, some are just for fun. On any thread, make sure to read the opening post carefully for details on how that specific game is going to run and any rules they may have.


Here users post topics where they give away wajas, WC, items, and so. On any thread, make sure to read the opening post carefully for details on how that specific giveaway is going to run and any rules they may have. Remember, you are not allowed to start a thread here asking for a giveaway; you may only start a thread if you wish to run a giveaway. If you merely want to receive giveaways, you must post on existing threads.


Here is where you can enter or start a raffle, where you may or may not have to pay for a ticket. On any thread, make sure to read the opening post carefully for details on that specific raffle and any rules they may have, and use good judgement before sending your money to someone else. Remember, you are not allowed to start a thread here asking for a raffle; you may only create a thread if you wish to start a raffle of your own. If you merely want to participate in a raffle, you must post on existing threads.

User Services

Here users make topics advertising services they can offer to other users, usually asking for WC in return.. Examples of user services include pear restocking, designing custom wajas, checking lineages, coding people's sales threads, and so on. Only two threads are allowed in this topic.
Note: This is not where reverse breeding/studs, waja sales, art sales, or wanted services go. Each of those have their own board where you should post them instead.

Reverse Breeding/Studs

Here users advertise their wajas that are up for Breeding/stud. Only two threads are allowed in this topic.

Wanted Services

Here users post topics looking to hire another user to do a certain service for them, usually offering WC or wajas as payment. Only one thread is allowed in this topic.
Note: This is not where wanted ads for wajas or items go. Those go in the Wanted Ads board under Sales.


Here users post their ideas or suggestions to improve wajas. Any kind of suggestion can go here, but if your suggestion would fit in one of the sub-boards it is recommended you post it there instead. After posting, other users will be free to voice their opinion on your idea, usually by saying "support" or "no support".


Here users post their ideas for new markings or mutations to be added to the site.

Breed Suggestions

This board is for suggestions of new breeds to be added to the site.

Item Suggestions

Here users post suggestions for new items or how to improve existing items.


Here, users can post things they're looking to sell. Any kind of sales can go in this forum, but it's better to post your sale to the specific sub-board it would fit into instead (for example, posting wajas you have for sale in the "Waja Sales" forum, or posting your art shop in the "Art Sales" forum.) Only two threads are allowed in this topic.

Waja Sales

Here users advertise their wajas that are for sale. Only two threads are allowed in this topic.


Here users advertise things that they want to trade for wajas, items, or anything else besides WC/CWP. Only two threads are allowed in this topic.


Here people advertise their pre-sales. (Pre-sales are defined as selling wajas that are not in the process of being bred for whatever reason, such as parent(s) are not yet made or parent(s) are not yet fully dyed).
Warning: If you start a pre-sale, you are expected to have breeding of the product you're selling underway within 3 months of starting the thread or you risk being warned for scamming. You may only have 2 threads in this board at a time. Also, buyers are advised to be cautious when purchasing from a pre-sale; there is no guarantee that you will be able to get your money back if the sale falls through. Only two threads are allowed in this topic.

Wanted Ads

Users can post wanted ads here for certain wajas or items that they are looking for. While ads looking for designs can be posted, they often do much better when made into a contest (the prize for the winner being the amount that their design is purchased for) and posted in the User Held Games/Contests board. When making a Wanted ad, consider that other users might not know what you mean by "a rabbit waja", for example, and give them an idea such as breeds, colors, and markings that you'd prefer, as well as anything else about it that is important to you. Only one thread is allowed in this topic.

Other Game Trades

People looking to trade their possessions for possessions on other sites, or vice versa. For more information on trading with other sites, please see Cross-site Trading.


A board where users post artwork for the other waja members to see, usually looking for critique. Remember to be respectful and polite at all times when critiquing the art of others, and to only give it if it is requested. For those requesting a critique, be prepared to hear your work criticized and to handle that in a mature manner.


Here users post their stories, poems, and other kinds of literature for other waja players to read. This board is not for roleplaying, as that has its own board.


This is where users can open up shops to sell adoptables. Only two threads are allowed in this topic.

Art Sales

Artists set up shops here to sell larger, more complex, and expensive works which are often referred to as simply "art". Only two threads are allowed in this topic.

Tag Sales

This is where users can open shops where they sell tags, usually asking for CWP or WC in return. Only two threads are allowed in this topic.

Art Wanted Ads

Players post here if they're looking to have a piece of artwork done for them, usually a more expensive piece, but not always. Only one thread is allowed in this topic.

Forum Offences

Breaching the forum rules or ToS can lead to fines, warnings and bans from Wajas.


Gravedigging is defined on Wajas as posting on threads which are old/inactive.
Gravedigging rules have been removed as of 4/20/2016, however staff may still lock threads if it is a clearly inactive thread (specifically giveaways where the user has not been online for months). It is recommended to post on older threads with discretion.


You are not allowed to post threads about the same thing on multiple boards. This includes, but is not limited to, advertising the same sales in both the Sales board and Waja Sales board and posting a wanted ad for the same thing in both the Wanted Ads and Wanted Services boards.
  • Posting a thread for the purpose of linking to, or advertising, another thread is also crossposting.
  • Posting threads which have slightly different wording but are about the same thing is also crossposting.

Foul Language

Accidents happen, and if the intent does not appear malicious, moderators will contact you and notify you if you have used prohibited language, giving you the opportunity to remove it. If you do not remove it within a timely manner, your post may be edited, removed or locked by a moderator.
Refer to the Prohibited Language List on Wajas for a list of prohibited words.

Languages Other Than English

Wajas accepts players from all over the world, however English is the official language used on Wajas. You are required to use English when posting on the forums.


Spam covers a variety of things, including:
  • Posting one word responses on threads
  • Posting something which has no relevance to the current conversation on the thread
  • Posting the same response on multiple threads (depending upon the extent and content of the posts, this can be considered trolling)
  • Posting the word "Bump" (or similar) instead of using the bump button on a thread.