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For Halloween 2018 a new NPC was released! Her name is Trixie and she has replaced the OWF who primarily has given out treats hourly in the past. She now hands out the treats (once every 60 minutes). You would simply click "Trick or Treat" and Trixie would give you a random item from the pool of possible items. Like Halloween 2017, the Trixie's clock reset at every hour on the hour, allowing players to collect an item at 3:59 and then again at 4:00, for example. The event started on October 26, 2018 and ended on November 1, 2018. This year also saw the return of Goodie Bags randomly found while navigating the site that could be opened to gain an item from within. The Goodie Bags began appearing on October 29, 2018. Upon being opened, the bag itself disappears from the player's inventory, replaced by the item that was inside.

Goodie Bags

The Goodie Bag base was drawn by Eagli, and various artists and staff members colored them in. The artist credited on each individual page is the artist that colored that particular bag in.

Goodie Bag Item
Goodie Bag Zombie Blue Dye Stitch Patch One
Goodie Bag Zombie Green Dye Stitch Patch Three
Goodie Bag Zombie Purple Dye Stitch Patch Two
Goodie Bag Zombie Red Dye Stitches
Goodie Bag Zombie Yellow Dye Stitch Lines

Door Trick or Treating

New Items Rereleased Items
Anime Eyes Kawaii Autumn Collar
Anime Eyes Relaxed Autumn Leaf
Anime Eyes Serious Blazing Aura Cyan
Black Pumpkin Blazing Aura Dark Brown
Bug Eyes Black Blazing Aura Eldritch
Bug Eyes Blue Blazing Aura Fire
Bug Eyes Green Blazing Aura Ghost
Bug Eyes Orange Blazing Aura Light Brown
Bug Eyes Pink Blazing Aura Red and Black
Bug Eyes Purple Blind Glance
Bug Eyes Red Blood Puddles
Bug Eyes White Blood Wounds
Bug Eyes Yellow Crow
Candy Earrings Demon Anklewings
Candycorn Earrings Demonic Glance
Candycorn Eyes Demonic Soul
Candycorn Nose Dragonling Gobbler
Ectoplasm Inky Face Dragonling Red
Ectoplasm Inky Paws Evil Blue Eye Contacts
Framed Painting Beach Cave Evil Red Eye Contacts
Framed Painting Blood Moon Evil Yellow Eye Contacts
Framed Painting Cherry Blossom Expression Psycho
Framed Painting Deep Jungle Expression Snarly
Framed Painting Mountain Overlook Falling Leaves
Framed Painting Shipwreck Foxfires
Framed Painting Water Plane Glowing Blue
Frank the Dachshund Glowing Blue Eye Contacts
Ghostling Blue Glowing Pink
Ghostling Orange Glowing Red
Ghostling Pink Glowing Red Eye Contacts
Ghostling Red Glowing Yellow
Grumpy Toad Glowing Yellow Eye Contacts
Jarrahdale Pumpkin Halloween Lantern
Lit Jack o Lantern Hannibal Mask
Not-As-Dark Shadows Inky Face
Not-As-Emaciated Shading Inky Paws
Orange Pumpkin Leviathan Teeth
Pestering Demons Monster Claws Black
Potion Ingredients Neck Shackle
Pumpkin Earrings Neck Shackle Rusty
Red Inky Face Necromancer Bag
Red Inky Paws Necromancer Earrings
Reliable Cardboard Sign Necromancer Legs Purple
Shoulder Demon Necromancer Necklace
Sketched Waja Necromancer Noserings
Skull Earrings Necromancer Shawl Purple
Vampire Bite Necromancer Tail Purple
White Pumpkin Oil Lamp
Oil Lamp
Oil Lamp Blue
Oil Lamp Red
Oil Lamp White
Tattered Cape Black
Tattered Cape White
Vengeful Ghost
Wings Skeletal Bat
Witch Hat
Wrought Iron Bracelets
Wrought Iron Gauntlets
Wrought Iron Tail
Wrought Iron Wings
Zombie Rot Body
Zombie Rot Face
Zombie Rot Legs
Zombie Rot Tail

Wallpapers, Midgrounds, and Foregrounds
New Items Rereleased Items
Apollo's Fireplace Midground Aspen Forest Wallpaper
Autumn Field Morning Wallpaper Blood Moon Wallpaper
Autumn Field Sunset Wallpaper Blue Moon Wallpaper
Autumnal Rays Forest Wallpaper Candyjungle Wallpaper
Creepy Cabin Midground Cobwebs
Dark Alley Wallpaper Fall Leaves Foreground
Evening Rays Forest Wallpaper Fall Path Wallpaper
Evening Sunflowers Foreground Full Moon Wallpaper
Evening Sunflowers Red Foreground Harvest Moon Wallpaper
Evening Sunflowers Red Wallpaper Haunted Cemetery Wallpaper
Evening Sunflowers Wallpaper Mist Dark Green
Front Porch Abandoned Wallpaper Mist Dark Orange
Front Porch Halloween Wallpaper Mist Dark Purple
Front Porch Wallpaper Mist Dark Red
Ghostly Lights Foreground Mist Dark White
Misty Woods Wallpaper Noise Growl Red Foreground
Orange Lights Foreground Ominous Woods Black Wallpaper
Purple Lights Foreground Ominous Woods Blue Wallpaper
River of Souls Acid Wallpaper Ominous Woods Green Wallpaper
River of Souls Blue Wallpaper Ominous Woods Red Wallpaper
River of Souls Ice Wallpaper Ominous Woods Sepia Wallpaper
River of Souls Orange Wallpaper Pumpkin Patch Night Wallpaper
River of Souls Purple Wallpaper Pumpkin Patch Wallpaper
River of Souls Red Wallpaper Silver Moon Wallpaper
Room Interior Abandoned Midground Twisted Tree Left Wallpaper
Room Interior Halloween Midground Twisted Tree Right Wallpaper
Spooky Train Tracks Wallpaper
Summer Pond Wallpaper
Tile Floor Checkered Midground
Tile Floor Halloween Midground
Tile Floor White Midground

Rereleased Items
Black Candy
Blue Candy
Green Candy
Red Candy
Yellow Candy