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Nicola, the Mad Scientist's former assistant.

On June 27, 2016 Nicola the Genius, assistant to the Mad Scientist, "took over the lab". This happened alongside her feature being becoming automated, so that the staff were no longer sending out the potion rewards for her item gathering quest manually. This also resulted in her picture and new text replacing the Mad Scientist's and his potion making options being removed from the shop. It is unknown at this time whether they will return to the Lab or become otherwise available in the future.

The Dyes that can be received were:

Items required to be sent in to claim a dye:

After completing the quest 5 times, you will be able to select which dye you would like to receive for any future completions.

The Old Mad Scientist

The current artwork for the Mad Scientist.
The first sketch of the Mad Scientist when he was initially released. It was intended as a humorous stand-in until the actual artwork was finished.

"Ah! I see you've found my laboratory! Perhaps you are interested in some experiments, yes? I can create several different kinds of potions that you can feed to your Wajas. You just need to supply the required ingredients for me to make it. Now, I won't do this for free, mind you. You will have to trade a treasured accessory for one of my potions. I think the trade will be worth it, don't you? Look below to see what I can offer you. I'm sure you'll find something of interest. " - Mad Scientist introduction

The Mad Scientist was introduced on Wajas on May 15, 2010, and can be found by clicking "Mad Scientist" under "World". For the right price, he will make you a potion that will add the corresponding potion mutation to your waja permanently. Once used on a waja the mutation cannot be removed and will be inherited by the waja's pups in the same way a custom mutation would. Rather than buying the potions with WC as you do in most shops, the Mad Scientist asks for a certain number of ingredients found in the mining cave. These ingredients are:

In addition to needing the ingredients, each potion also requires that you give him an accessory of any kind. It's best to pick a cheap accessory such as a Pickaxe or Rock Earring , since he will accept anything regardless of its worth.

Making a Potion

In order to make a potion, first go to the Mad Scientist's page (World -> Mad Scientist). Once you've decided on which potion you'd like and have the necessary ingredients, click "Tell me More!" From here, the Mad Scientist will also ask for any accessory as a 'payment' to make the potion. Choose an accessory you don't mind losing and click "Make this potion". The Mad Scientist will now give you the potion, which can be found in the inventory under "Potions". Like Markings Pears and Mutation Pears, potions cannot be 'undone'. Once added, the mutation is permanently on the waja and will be passed on to pups the same way custom mutations are.

Available Potions

The current list of Mad Scientist potions are as follows:

Image Name Effect Description Cost
AristaPotion.png Arista Potion Gives your waja the Antennae mutation. The Mad Scientist says "Yes, the Arista Potion is another favorite of mine. When my beasts are blind from so many eye experiments I use this potion to give them a different advantage at withstanding future tests."
ClassicPotion.png Classic Potion Gives your waja the Neck Bolts mutation. The Mad Scientist says "The Classic potion is, for some strange reason, one of the most popular potions I offer. Clients constantly request this potion and yet it's so small and... uncreative. My talents are wasted on such a potion but the clients never change their mind."
LivingstonPotion.png Livingston Potion Gives your waja the Rhino Horns mutation. The Mad Scientist says "The Livingston Potion is one to be desired. The sharpness and thickness of these effects are a must see! Of course, I wouldn't want to touch them so carelessly."
NightmarePotion.png Nightmare Potion Gives your waja the Shoulder Eyes mutation. The Mad Scientist says "YES! The Nightmare Potion. Such a magnificent and, yet, grueling creation. Haha, your beast would never complain about going blind again. I am sure you would be pleased with such an effect."
PrehistoricPotion.png Prehistoric Potion Gives your waja the Raptor Claws mutation. The Mad Scientist says "The Prehistoric Potion is a popular one. Its effects are, well, prehistoric and not currently available on today's specimens. Perhaps some day I should invest more into extending the effects of this potion."
PtthhhPotion.png Ptthhh Potion Gives your waja the Forked Tongue mutation. The Mad Scientist says, "The Ptthhh Potion was a mistake. The results are far from entertaining. In fact, I find it very annoying that it cant decide on going one direction! No, it must go two ways."
SlimePotion.png Slime Potion Gives your waja the Gills mutation. The Mad Scientist says "Hm, the Slime Potion huh? Creatures that live in the deep have many attributes people dream of having. This Potion would give your pet just what it needs to be a water dwelling beast."
ThagoPotion.png Thago Potion Gives your waja the Tail Spikes mutation. The Mad Scientist says "The Thago Potion is very annoying and I dislike offering it to my clients. The potential risks it allows are uncontrollable. Especially to those beasts who insist of wagging their tails."
XenuPotion.png Xenu Potion Gives your waja the Alien Eyes mutation. The Mad Scientist says "Oh, the Xenu Potion! I love this one, the results are exceptionally hilarious. The vision of such an effect is far and beyond any ordinary perspectives. I do enjoy the shine as well."