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Waja Park Overview

The Waja Park is a feature released as a beta in September 18th 2017 (and reintroduced February 9th, 2019) which introduces a fun way for newbies and veteran players alike to find new wajas and items. The Waja Park can be located by clicking "Explore" and choosing Wajas Park from the drop down. It also has a map location in shopping valley. Once in, you'll see two sections. To the left you'll find the entrance to the Waja Park! To the right, you'll find the Snack Shop, which provides snacks to lure in the wajas in the waja park to become your friend.

Daily Points and Jerky Points

  • Daily Points are the daily allotted points allowed for either successfully capturing a waja, or using them in an item event. Daily points do not roll over if unused to other days and regenerate at 12AM wajas time. Normal users are allotted 2 Daily Points, while upgraded users get 4 Daily Points.
  • Jerky Points are a special currency awarded for donating 10 wajas into the park. Wajas can be transferred by going to the wajas profile and clicking the Tranfer/Retire tab. Select the Waja Park bubble and click "Send To The Waja Park". There is also a message that will tell you if the waja you are donating is eligible or not. Jerky points can be used to catch wajas after your daily points have been expired, or in Jerky Only item events.

Encountering a Waja

After clicking "Explore" for a bit in the waja park, you'll come across a waja!


When you encounter a waja you get the following actions:

  • Pet Waja - An action to attempt to catch the waja
  • Grab Waja - An action to attempt to catch the waja
  • Feed - Offer the waja a snack from your inventory via the dropdown menu (items are available for purchase from the Snack Shop). One of the item will be used from your inventory, and will give you an attempt at catching a waja. You are not guaranteed a capture by feeding the waja (Unless you use the Rainbow Creme Cookie that is given to newbies only).
  • Scare - An action that chases off the waja
  • Flag - Place a strike on the waja. If a waja receives several strikes, it will be sent to the OWF.
  • Explore - Continues to Search as if the waja isn't there.
  • Exit Park - Return to the Waja Park main menu

Clicking on the waja will give you a detail card that will look like this:


It can take you anywhere from one to several actions before the waja either runs away or becomes friends and joins your cave. You can interact with the waja as much as you want until it runs away or you capture it. If you are able to successfully capture the waja, you will be deducted one Daily Point (or a Jerky Point if all Daily Points are depleted for the day). There is a chance that you will receive one of the park background wallpapers!

Wallpapers Available

Helpful Tips

Flagging a Waja

If you come across a waja that is muddy and low quality, it is up to us to keep the park clean by flagging the waja for the OWF. Just click flag if you think it's unsatisfactory. Once a waja has so many flags it will be promptly sent to live with the OWF!

Donating a Waja to the Park

If you would like to donate a waja to the waja park, please consider a few important facts! This feature's primary purpose is to help newbies acquire their first wajas. It is very important that you consider whether or not the waja is something somebody would want and help them on their journey, or rather be released to the OWF. It's up to us as users to keep the Park fun for all users participating!

If you would like to donate a waja, it's as easy as visiting the wajas profile, click the "transfer" tab in the menu, and click "Transfer" next to "Send to Waja Park:"

Empty Park

The park can be empty! If the park is empty and no wajas are currently about, a message will be displayed. "Aww, there don't appear to be any Wajas in the park right now."

Daily/Jerky Point Events

These events pop up occasionally where you can get items for spending either your daily points or jerky points. Items given and points required vary from event to event.

Raccoon Thief


Cost: 1 Daily Point

  • Ugh, it's one of those Raccoons! He's hiding something, you better catch him!
  • Grab Him!
  • He got away but before he did you were able to get something from him.

Items Available

Buried Plant


Cost: 1 Daily Point

  • Looks like someone tried to bury a plant. Pull it up?
  • Yes!
  • Hmm. Why would someone have buried that?

Items Available

Broken Vase


Cost: 1 Daily Point

  • You found a broken case. Want to fix it?
  • Fix It!
  • Great job! You fixed the vase.

Items Available

Lightning Storm


Cost: 1 Daily Point

  • Oh wow, it looks crazy over there. Want to get closer?
  • Heck Yeah!
  • AAHHH! Lightning just hit you. Are you ok?!

Items Available

Fallen Star


Cost: 2 Daily Points

  • You found a fallen star? Reach out and touch it?
  • Definitely touch it!
  • Woah. The star exploded once you touched it and dropped something.

Items Available

Muddy Pear


Cost: 2 Daily Points

  • Someone dropped a muddy pear on the ground. Pick it up and clean it?
  • Clean it!
  • People need to take better care of their pears. It should have a good home with you!

Items Available

Mud Critter


Cost: 1 Jerky Point

  • Aww, there's a little critter stuck in the mud. Rescue it?
  • Rescue It!
  • You rubbed off all the mud and got it all cleaned up...

Items Available

Wallpaper Stork


Cost: 2 Jerky Points

  • Hi there! I have some exotic, gorgeous wallpapers for sale. Would you like to buy one?
  • Yes!!
  • Thank you for your patronage. Hope you like this one.

Items Available

Raptor Trainer Pup


Cost: 2 Jerky Points

  • Oh no... I hatched way too many of these guys. Please take one before my mom finds out!!
  • Help him!
  • Thank you so much. Give them lots of meat and they should stay loyal.... I hope.

Items Available

Explore Flavor Text List

  • You can hear laughter in the distance. Are those Wajas laughing at you?!
  • Was that a bird? A plane? An aerial? Too late, it's gone now.
  • You see Apollo in the distance giving you the Waja-equivalent of a thumbs up. You can do it!
  • You find a bit of pink fluff but no sign of the Waja it came from.
  • Eww, looks like someone didn't pick up after their Waja.
  • 404: The Waja you are looking for does not exist.
  • Close your eyes and imagine a Waja. Think like a Waja. Be the Waja!
  • You can hear laughter in the distance. Are those Wajas laughing at you?!
  • Is that a howl you hear in the distance?
  • Grass, grass, and even more...grass.
  • Keep going! There's bound to be a Waja around here somewhere!
  • Have you tried restarting your computer?
  • Wait, is that a tail behind that rock?
  • You've got all these snacks but no Wajas in sight!
  • You find evidence a Waja was here, but nothing else.
  • Are you sure you're looking at the right spot?
  • Those Wajas are elusive.
  • Have you tried whistling?
  • A scary bane chases you away. Better luck next time!

2019 Relaunch Initiative

On February 1st 2019 Wajas received an update about the wajas park. With it being near completion a collection initiative was proposed to reopen the park and proposed rewards for goals met. The Initial Goal to open the park was met midday on February 2nd. Donating 500,000 WC and 50 Junk Items allowed you to receive the Waja Park 2.0 Investor Trophy, as well as a Lunaria Cookie to be used in the stretch goals (This item is not to actually be used in the park or fed to wajas). The first stretch goal (Donating 1.5 billion WC and 40,000 Junk Items) was reached on February 5th, with an accompanying news post that 10 customs (including one rainbow opacity glitch) were placed in the park. On February 6th, a new tier of the Investor trophy was made available to help reach the WC incentive goals. Once you've donated 10,000,000 WC and relog into your account, you'll be awarded with the new trophy. Also on this day, Stretch Goal 2 (3 Billion WC and 60,000 Items) was met awarding users with 15 more customs placed into the park. On February 8th, the final stretch goal was met by users donating a whopping 5 Billion WC and over 75,000 Junk Items! When this goal was achieved, the custom patch was revealed as a Squirrel Earth patch!


"After the Waja Park was destroyed by the invading, destructive isopterons that came with Lady Artemis' arrival more than a year ago, the Waja Park is finally ready to reopen! We've moved it to a fresh new location, squished every bug, planted new plants, and prepped in every way possible for this long awaited reopening! But there's just one more thing - we need to fulfill this fundraiser and item drive to replace all the snacks I lost! We need to raise 800,000,000 WC and get 25,000 items in order to restock my snacks. Everyone who donates 500,000 WC and 50 items will unlock a special trophy and receive a Lunaria cookie item. Once the fundraiser ends this Lunaria cookie will transform into something truly special (if we dont unlock the final tier). One cookie per account."